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Antonie Robbert
0031 (0)6 - 1435 1575
Ton Jongen

By performing several tasks in Shared Service Centres in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium I was able to pick up an all-round administrative and financial experience.

During these years I have performed as Manager Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Banking and also coordinating a large international Back-Office team which was responsible for contract management and billing.
Renewal and efficiency improvements based upon kpi-reporting, process descriptions and migrations were main targets and sometimes dealt with on a daily basis. All were of course within the AO/IC or SOX guidelines and regulations.
My teams varied from 8 till 24 fte suited in national and/or international Shared Service Centers.

I am straight forward and communicate clear about what I expect and the results that have to be created.
”Self managing teams” is what I am trying to bring into practice as much as possible. In my vision it creates space for flexibility and stimulates personal development of the employees.
Not everything has to be on a leach because people are perfectly capable of thinking on their own, responding and bringing on ideas.

Managing and coaching existing teams or (re-)building new departments is one of my strengths. Besides the necessary knowledge and “out of the box”-thinking, I’m very driving to create extraordinary results.

At this moment I’m working as a self employed entrepreneur (freelancer)and would gladly like to introduce myself in person.



Courses / certificates:

2004 - 2007
Several personal development- and coaching programs (CSA)
NewStar (CRM-system)
Movex (ERP-system)
Talent Development program (coached development program)
Financial Management (Module I+II)
VCA**- Advance Safety Training
Training ‘Project management’ (’t WEB)





Management Education
at the Technical University in Rijswijk
Marketing (equal to NIMA A)
1e Degree Physical Educator
at the University of Physical Education and Sports
HAVO;   Dutch, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology.
MAVO;  Dutch, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography.

Work experiences:

At employers and customers like Aggreko, AVR, Océ, Q8, Unilever, Desso-Armstrong, FrieslandCampina, etc. I performed several tasks and responsibilities.
Below you will find a short description of these employers and tasks.

Q8, in Rotterdam
06/2011 – heden

Financial Consultant

  • Participate in a Six Sigma project – “Purchase to Pay”;
  • Implementing process optimizations to reach targets like 90% Paid on time, 75% PO-usage, further reduce fte’s from 7 to 6;
  • After care after implementation of a new invoice processing-/workflow system;
  • Creating automated reporting in a new reporting programme Visibility;
  • Writing flowcharts en work instructions for a manual.

Q8, in Rotterdam
06/2010 – 05/2011
Supervisor Accounts Payable

  • Ad interim coördination of the Accounts Payable department;
  • Creating a KPI-dashboard and supporting reports;
  • Increase the Paid on Time percentage from 50% to 80%;
  • Reducing the number of fte’s from 13 naar 6;
  • Implementing a new scan, OCR en workflow system;
  • Implementing several process optimizations to reach the set targets.

Genzyme, in Naarden
02/2010 – 04/2010
Senior Accounts Payable

  • Ad interim coördination of the Accounts Payable department;
  • Reviewing the purchase invoices based upon the new European vat-regulations;
  • Prepairing purchase invoices so they can be processed;
  • Analysing and approving purchase requisitions in Ariba;
  • Checking and approving posted invoices/batches in MFG-Pro;

FrieslandCampina, in Amersfoort
06/2009 – 09/2009
Manager Accounts receivable

  • Combining the Accounts Receivable administrations of Friesland Foods and Campina at a new location;
  • Initiating the OtC-process together with Customer Service, Sales and Controlling;
  • Building and managing the Accounts Receivable team (10 fte);
  • Creating the KPI-reports;
  • DSO reduction.

Campina, Cheese, Butter & Valess in Tilburg
10/2008 – 05/2009
Manager Debiteurenbeheer

  • Managing the “Debiteurenbeheer” department (10 fte);
  • DSO reduction;
  • Creating the kpi-reports;
  • Implementing of performance management;
  • Describing the OtC processes in flowcharts and work instructions;
  • Preparing the merger between Campina and Friesland Foods related to the OtC processes.

Océ, in Venlo
09/2007 – 09/2008
Manager Accounts Payable / Project leader

  • Managing the Accounts Payable team (12 fte);
  • Processing purchase invoices (130.000 per year);
  • Optimizing the complete PtP-process, with and without purchase order and EDI;
  • Working Capital reduction, increasing the payables;
  • Optimizing the payment run;
  • Analyzing the digital workflow system implementation possibilities (PID).

Desso, Financial Shared Service Centre in Waalwijk
05/2007 – 08/2007
Consultant / Project leader

  • Managing the Accounts Payable department(5 fte) and Bank Accounting (3 fte)-teams for Europe;
  • Consultancy for a new structure and workload in the Credit Collection department;
  • KPI consultancy, creating a report structure and implementing this in the normal process;
  • Basware upgrade (linked to SAP-R3 4.6);
  • Analyzing the possibilities for receiving digital purchase invoices (non-EDI).

Armstrong, Financial Shared Service Centre in Waalwijk
02/2006 – 04/2007
Manager Accounts Payable, Bank Accounting & Credit Collection

  • Managing the departments Accounts Payable (10 fte), Bank Accounting (4 fte) & Credit Collection (10 fte) for Europe (total 24 fte);
  • Treasury, cash flow planning;
  • Banking and interest cost reduction with tools like zero- en target balancing;
  • Migrations of several entities;
  • Creating process descriptions (flowcharts)and analyzing checkpoints;
  • Implementing improvements in the PtP-process according to SOX regulations;
  • Coordinating the reorganization after the split between Desso and Armstrong focused on Accounts Payable and Bank Accounting.

Unilever SSC, Financefocus in Vlaardingen
05/2005 – 02/2006
Team Leider Accounts Payable België

  • Managing the Purchase to Pay-team/Supplier administration (12);
  • Migration of the financial administration of 6 Belgium Unilever entities from Brussel to the SSC in Vlaardingen department Financefocus;
  • Optimizing processes within the financial administration in Vlaardingen;
  • Hiring and training employees in a new team.

Aggreko,Central Europe in Aachen (DE)
03/2003 – 04/2005
Central European Team Leader Back Office

  • Managing the Central European Back Office Team (15);
  • Starting a Shared Service Centre for 9 locations within Central Europe;
  • Implementation of the ERP-system Movex in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany;
  • Restructuring work processes focussed on company reorganisation in combination with the new ERP-system;
  • Coaching en training new employees with Dutch, Belgium and German nationality;
  • Implementation of NewStar (CRM-system);
  • Training the Sales Support-department /Front Office (7).

AVR, locations Den Haag, Rotterdam and Ridderkerk
11/2000 – 01/2003
Staff Executive

  • Organizing the administrative department / AO-structuring;
  • General Ledger investigation focussed on invoicing, postings and corrections coming form the waist registration;
  • Coaching and guiding the administrative coordinator, project employee and the coordinator waist collection;
  • Process descriptions and quality management focused on ISO- and VCA certification;
  • Several optimizing projects like, waist registration, management information, BSC-reporting, P90-regulations, efficiency for the department C&K, etc.;
  • Project coordinator during an investigation for mechanical waist collection possibilities.

Other work experiences
Gymnastics teacher at the “François Vatel”.
09/1998 – 07/1999

All round Fitness instructor at Exercise (Fitness en Aerobic Centre).
06/1998 – 11/1999

Tennis instructor at the University of Physical Education and Sports.
04/1998 – 12/1998


Drivers licence:


System knowledge:

A + B (Motor & Car)

Dutch:                 Excellent in word and writing
English:                Good in word and writing
German:              Sufficient in word and reasonable in writing

SAP R/3 (4.5, 4.6 & 4.7)
Basware (Digital invoice processing program)
Livelink (Digital invoice processing program)
MFG-Pro (ERP-system)
Movex (ERP-system Citrix based)
Ariba (Purchasing module)
NewStar (CRM-system)
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.



Nederlands / English

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