Empowering results
Ton Jongen BV

Honest and valuable support focused on team coordination, process optimization, AO/IC-process descriptions  or other (financial) projects within your organization.
I’m pleased to offer you solutions that fit your need or a temporary support combined with a no-nonsense mentality and the correct enthusiasm.


Work field and knowledge

Managing and coaching existing teams, (re-)building new departments and performing/coordinating (financial) projects are some of my strengths. Besides the necessary knowledge I’m very driven to create extraordinary results.

By performing several tasks at AVR, Unilever, Océ, FrieslandFoods, Aggreko, Desso, etc. in a.o. The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium I was able to pick up an all-round and international experience in Shared Service Centers.




The word vision does not only mean a picture as it currently is but also refers to a future reality. I see vision as a clear image about how the situation will be. By creating results that matter for the client I contribute to these images becoming reality.



Nederlands / English

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